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We understand you may have some questions, please read through our FAQs below, or fill out our contact form.

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When and how do I place my order?

Simply complete our Contact Form and we will be in touch with next steps.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, we require a $100NZD deposit towards the cost of our service. This is payable on receipt of your flowers.

How do I send the bouquet to you?

The sooner we receive the flowers, the better they will look when dried. It is for this reason that we require you to send the bouquet to us using the NZ Post Overnight Courier Service. Bouquets can also be delivered directly to us in Kerikeri, Northland by arrangement. Immediately after the event we suggest placing the flowers in a cool place (bathroom or laundry) in a bucket/vase of water.

Please don't let the flowers freeze or place them in a refrigerator. When you're ready to courier the flowers place them in a large plastic bag and blow a little air into the bag and then place the bag into a box, add some tissue paper so that the flowers don’t move around too much in the box, and take it to your local post office. Please let us know once you’ve sent it.

What can I do if the event has already been?

If the event has occurred, please send us an email and mark it as urgent. We can then discuss options with you.

How long does the preservation take?

Flowers take approximately two months to dry. Then we start the framing process. The full process takes approximately three months (depending on how quickly the flowers dry, and whether or not your frame selection is in stock).

Do the flowers change colour?

There is always going to be a colour change between fresh and dried flowers. Colour alterations post the drying process also occur with some flowers so we hand paint all the flowers to reduce the effects of this and long term fading as much as possible. White flowers will become creamy and some colours, especially red flowers, a little darker. Over time some flowers may become more antique in appearance, especially pink, peach, white and yellow flowers. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the flowers will maintain their original colour. Flowers that we do not recommend for preservation include: Succulents, Bouvardia, Asparagus Fern, Anthurium, Cymbidium Orchids and Lizianthus. Most florals and foliages are suitable for preservation. However, if you have any reservations please contact us.

Do my dried flowers require any special care?

Sort of! We do everything we can to ensure your flowers last as long as possible, however they will gradually fade over time. It is important therefore to avoid excessive U.V light, damp and very hot areas. When considering a place to hang your picture, a cool and dry place is recommended. 

Unless the frame is damaged by human handling and or is placed in an environment that is listed above, then your framed flowers should last you a lifetime. It is our commitment and responsibility to ensure that you receive a high-quality product, however we are working with natural products and therefore some imperfections may be present.

All dried flowers are subject to insect infestation. While infestation does not occur often (less than 1% of all floral arrangements preserved) it can damage your flowers and is hard to treat. Unfortunately Treasured Flowers is unable to repair flowers that have been infected by insects.

I have dried my flowers. Are you able to help?

Yes we can, depending on the condition of the flowers. Please get in touch to discuss.

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